How to travel more with a full-time job – 5 practical tips that work

How to travel more with a full-time job? Seems like a hoax, does it… Its not really and you shall have a lot of examples to get inspired from through the post.

Man looking over the valley

I know, the internet is full of stories of people ‘Quitting their jobs’ and ‘Selling everything’ and setting out on a journey that never ended. But do you really believe that is the way it is supposed to happen, always?

It is because of all the beings that set up camp and nurtured them through times – that travelers have interesting places to go to. Whether it is culture, or nature.

So be proud of yourself for being there, and there is nothing that can stop you from quenching your thirst for travel, one of the essential needs. You can, and you will!

Family Travel

No need to get overwhelmed by looking at the ones who are travelling the world incessantly. That is not the only way!

Also, you have a lovely family and leaving it behind doesn’t have to be a decision that you make.

In fact taking them along is one of the best ways to travel more with a full time job.

In our busy schedules where it is difficult to always share meals or a meaningful conversation with our loved ones – family getaways provide the best platform to do so.Roli with her family in Dubai

Commit to at least one family holiday, if not two, every year. And if it is one – better make it international. As I made it clear in my earlier post on ‘What is the purpose of Travelling’, family getaways are the best way to ‘being on the same page’.

Bonding with family over travel is something every boss will understand. Guess why? They love their families too.

In case you are on a budget, do not worry – only plan better and sooner. Plenty of destinations and accommodation options can be found in your budget with travel becoming easier and cheaper than ever. Here are few tips to get you started – Take cheap family vacations.

One of the best times you can take family holidays are school holidays, festival holidays,  family functions and even business travel to name a few.

Wellness Travel

Another legitimate and understandable reason for a company to let you take that vacation. With each passing day, employers and employees are becoming more aware of the fact that the key to an efficient workforce is a healthy body and a healthy mind.

And sitting for hours and hours in front of that computer, inside buildings with no sun-light have caused enough havoc to our bodies and minds. To add to that, of course our own sedentary lifestyle outside of the office.

Companies across the world are investing millions of dollars into corporate wellness programs. This is true for developed and top developing countries – with difference only in the effective implementation of itYoga at Chittaurgarh Fort in Rajasthan.

Here is a case study about corporate wellness programs, in one of the fastest developing economies of the world – India.

In case you work for a company or a country that has an excellent corporate wellness program or healthcare system – you are sorted.

If not, you better take that wellness vacation now – and I bet you, your boss won’t say no.

Find wellness retreats that fit every budget all around the world on BookYogaRetreats.

Weekend Getaways

Well, yeah – the obvious and the least optimized.Roli on a rafting trip to Shivpuri Rishikesh

Do you wait till the last moment to decide where you are going to go on that long weekend.

Or you think there is not much you can achieve on a weekend anyway.

Or are you like many of my friends who feel blue after that long weekend because it has ended.

Well, if you want to learn how to travel more with a full-time job – you must master the art of optimizing your weekend travel. There are people who have made full time travel blogs out of their weekend travel! Don’t believe me? Here is your inspiration ‘The Weekend Jetsetter’.

My picture here is from one such weekend getaway that I took with my company I was working with at the time.

In case you work for a company where your availability on the weekends and beyond office hours is taken for granted – look for greener pastures and believe me, they exist.

Fortunately, most good companies’ leave calendars are planned in a way to give you longer weekends. Thereby giving you more time when possible, and discouraging extra leaves otherwise – makes sense!

Get started with expert tips here from Trip Advisor on maximizing your weekend travel.

Work Trips Extended

It is such a great option in ‘How to travel more with a full-time job’ category, that there is a new term for it – Bleisure!

Its time you went in the opposite direction of – ‘Never mix business with pleasure’ – make sure you mix it!

Now don’t confuse, I am not asking you to not take your work seriously – nope! All I am saying is once its over – and you are in a beautiful new place – don’t forget to have fun – extended.

My photograph below was taken on one such work trip, by my boss who is also a keen photographer 🙂

Roli on her work trip in Pattaya

With work travel becoming more and more common and even essential, it only makes sense to squeeze the best out of it. Maximizing the weekends you are travelling for business, or even take extra few days off.

Look at few sunny sides of it –

  • The major part of your travel expense – flights – are already paid for.
  • You can extend your stay in a branded hotel on special corporate rates, if allowed in your company policy.
  • Your activity budget increases as you didn’t have to spend on flights
  • You have authentic local contacts that can guide you the best – your colleagues on ground

And the most notable benefit of Bleisure travel can be that you start liking your job more!

Exploring your own city

Yes, you heard it right.

Can you say with confidence that you have seen it all? Even in your own city… If you live in any reasonably sized city like New York, London, Tokyo, New Delhi, Sydney etc., my guess is you cannot.

I lived in Delhi for 13 years, but I got more creative in exploring it only after I started my blog. And then I regretted going to the same places again and again for all those years – when there was so much to do!

Again, Jaipur – my hometown never got me too excited until I thought out of the box. The result was a series of beautiful walks and a much deeper understanding of the city and its culture. Although not so big, it still remains unexplored for me – and I shall keep digging deep.Jaipur the pink city on a rainy day

In fact, one of the notable travel blogs spawned out of the same regret – of not exploring their hometown. So, now they run a travel blog called Local Adventurer and have committed themselves to see their hometown, state, or country with fresh eyes.

So pick up your local travel guide, which you otherwise pick up in a foreign land – to explore your own city. I promise, you shall find hidden gems.


Getting tied down in life is not an option – especially in this era – with all the technology by your side.

Stop looking down at yourself because you have a day job and stop looking up to people who have left theirs – each to their own.

It is high time we change the way travel is perceived and travel for the right reasons – not out of FOMO.

You can satiate your travel desires even while keeping your full-time job – some people love theirs 😊

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