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Roli Jain

Just got my Chakra Sadhna certification from my Gurukul, Krishnananda Hatha Yoga Shala.

My Guru here explains my transition within a period of 30 days, in his signature funny way on the day of certification here! ‘This girl, looks little but is very dangerous. When she came for her first course in the shala, I was always scared that she will ask a question, again! And whether I will know the answer! I was always trying to dodge her questions. It happened throughout the course, until one day she said, Sir I love you!, and it was all over!’

See his hand… It’s all over!

What it really means is sure I was a bright person, making the best of analysis from what was taught and asking the best of questions because I could see the deepest nuance there was in the teaching. But I was always looking for answers from outside!

The Guru was always emphasizing on experiencing, but there I was, using all my energy intellectually. And where there is intellect, how can there be experience. Eventually when over a period of intense experiential Yoga, my mind was able to absorb the point my teacher was making, I could only say to him ‘I love you’.

I have also realized, it is time to ‘unleash’ the Guru in this little girl and help people live a healthier, happier and fulfilled life by sharing my own experiences and Yogic tools that help me evolve to have those experiences.

It’s time my blog is evolving into a Wellness Blog and a YouTube channel because travelling incessantly may be exciting, but its not the healthiest thing for my Prakriti.

I shall be back very soon with magic! Watch this space for where to follow me next! My address shall remain same www.rolijain.com.

Om Namah Shivay!